Client Template & Backdrop Selection

Please fill out this form at least two weeks before your event.  Please pick your desired backdrop and print-out template.   If you desire a custom print-out template please specify what you are look for.  If you have a pinterest board, link or attachment you would like to show us please email us at   

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I.E. Date, Name of event or Couple, #Hastags, etcs.
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$50 extra charge for custom designed templates.
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2x6" is a classic photo booth size. By deufalt two prints are made after each session. If you prefer a large print out we have a 4x6" options as well. However, only one print will be provided per session.
We recommend three pictures per 2x6 template, and anywhere from 1-6 pictures per 4x6 template.
Please provide us with either a Hex code, RGB, description of the color, web link to color. For color assiatance use
Go to link on resources.